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6 Great Bike Rides for Seattle-Area Families

Hop on pedal bikes, trailer bikes and cargo bikes for these family-friendly routes

Published on: April 30, 2019

The author with her biking crew. Credit: Bob Edmiston

Family biking: ready to roll

Editor's note: This article was originally published a few years ago. It mentions restaurants, cafés, playgrounds, restrooms and other facilities that may be temporarily closed. Please carefully follow guidelines for families playing outdoors when you venture out.

Get ready to roll! The availability of family biking gear such as trailer bikes and cargo bikes has made it easier than ever to ride with kids in tow. Meanwhile, bike lanes and rail trails are being added to the Puget Sound map, making it easier to bike safely with kids of any age. Now, you just need the perfect route for your spring family bike ride: one that’s safe, the right distance and with a snack stop for refueling and a treat.

In honor of getting rolling with your fam, here are six favorite bike routes for spring, ranging from lazy-day rides to a high-thrill tunnel jaunt that older kids will love. And if a bike path sounds more like your speed, check out these 10 best bike paths for kids on wheels.

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