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10 Best Bike Paths for Seattle-Area Kids on Wheels

Less crowded trails for bikes, balance bikes and scooters around Seattle and the Eastside

Kate Missine

Published on: April 17, 2023

Boy learning to ride a bike on a bike path

Perfect places to pedal

With our love for all things outdoors, Seattle-area families have no shortage of excellent biking trails. But while some of the city’s best-known and busiest routes may be amazing for capable cyclists, those just getting the hang of the sport may need a quieter spot to develop their skills.

Whether your little one is mastering their balance bike, just getting ready to ditch the training wheels or loves to cruise on a scooter, we’ve scouted 10 of the best beginner cycling stretches around Seattle and the Eastside. Paved, wide and low-traffic, these parks and paths will have them pedaling away in a flash. (And if your kids are just about to start learning, check out our tips for teaching kids to ride a bike.)

First pedal: Washington Park Arboretum

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