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Impossibly Cool: Iceland's Top Adventures With Kids

Geothermal drama, icebergs and puffins


Published on: October 16, 2017

Impossibly Cool: Iceland's Top Adventures With Kids

Iceland's Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon | Credit: Keryn Means

Drop your jet lag at the Blue Lagoon

You won’t find Brooke Shields at Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, located halfway between the center of Reykjavík and Keflavík International Airport (Reykjavík’s closest airport). What you will find are healing thermal waters that take the stress out of travel, and can help you get over your jet lag or soothe away muscles sore from hiking.

Your kids will get a kick out of splashing around outside in a colder climate. You will love the free mud scrub buckets, which can also act as a salve for kids suffering from eczema. A swim-up bar provides wine and beer for parents or Skyr yogurt smoothies and water for kids, while the indoor café serves up healthy meals for families that need to power up.

If you plan it, you can even hit the Blue Lagoon on your way to or from the airport (several bus tours have packages to drop you off and pick you up to get you to your flight on time).

Note: The extreme salt and warm temperatures do require young children to pop out from time to time so they don’t overheat or get sick. Keep little ones hydrated throughout your stay and cool them down every few minutes when enjoying the waters. Babies are allowed with swim diapers.

Best time to enjoy: year round

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