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Impossibly Cool: Iceland's Top Adventures With Kids

Geothermal drama, icebergs and puffins


Published on: October 16, 2017

Gullfoss | Credit: Stig Nygaard on flickr CC

Adventuring Iceland!

Iceland. A land of black lava, white snow, green moss and, well, ice. From Seattle, seven hours on a nonstop flight by IcelandAir is all it takes to get your family to this mysterious and adventure-filled country.

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Check out these amazing alternatives to the country's more touristed areas.

Trust us — that plane ride will be worth every minute when you take in Iceland's otherworldly landscapes. Its natural and cultural sites are unparalleled, from geothermal wonders that power the tiny nation to history lessons that your kids will love. No wonder that movie and TV directors have chosen to film hits such as "Game of Thrones" here.

Iceland basics

Weather-wise, summer is the best time for a trip. Multiple layers are not needed, and the roads are safer. IcelandAir offers nonstop flights from Seattle and several other cities across the United States. You can also stop in Iceland for free if you are flying IcelandAir to Europe. But don't stop at summer: In the winter months, snow and ice create a winter wonderland reminiscent of your child’s favorite movie ever, "Frozen". Airfare can also be cheaper during the winter months, with off-season package deals offered as early as October or as late as April in the spring. (For deals on fares, keep an eye on and sign up for weekly notices from

Getting around

The easiest way to get around the country is by rental car or tour bus. Bus tours take the guesswork out of daily excursions, and can create a more relaxing trip for parents who don’t want to have to worry about language barriers, international road rules or driving in winter. Those with larger families may save more by renting a car, however, as tours do charge per person.

Here are Iceland's top family adventures (+ where to stay and where to eat).

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