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Impossibly Cool: Iceland's Top Adventures With Kids

Geothermal drama, icebergs and puffins


Published on: October 16, 2017

Impossibly Cool: Iceland's Top Adventures With Kids

Great Geysir
Geysir | Credit: Keryn Mean

Watch the Great Geysir explode

For sheer geothermal drama, do not miss the great Geysir in Iceland, another destination along the Golden Circle. The simple rope barrier just barely keeps you out of the splash zone when this boiling old girl explodes. The blue blister of water wells up until it bursts, releasing pent-up heat and energy, many times bursting twice in a row before it settles back down for about eight minutes before the next eruption. (Get a glimpse in this video.)

Make sure you leave time for a hike to see the other geothermal pools nearby, also blistering hot.

Tip: The snack bar and gift shop across from Geysir are worth a stop if you get hungry during your tour around the Golden Circle, or there are two sitdown restaurants.

Best time to enjoy: year round

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