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What's Your Favorite Memory of Summer Camp?

We asked, you answered

Published on: February 01, 2018

Upside down

We asked readers and ParentMap staff members: "What's your favorite memory of play as a kid?" These are their responses, slightly edited for brevity and clarity. Chime in with your own summer camp memory in the comments below!

  1. “I was raised in a strictly kosher home but my mom sent my twin sis and me to a Christian camp. Two words: pork everyday. We couldn’t eat!” — Alayne Sulkin, ParentMap publisher and CEO
  2. “I learned how to do a perfect donkey call, as instructed by the fine shaggy fellow that stood right outside our cabin window every day at 6 a.m.” — Elisa Taylor, ParentMap ad operations manager
  3. “My favorite memory? Thinking ‘I wanna go home.’” — Emily Johnson, ParentMap design and production
  4. “I got to make a clay pot on a potter’s wheel. I still have it. Camp was a long time ago but I would love to try to make another one.” — Katherine N.
  5. “My best summer camp memory is playing Capture the Flag in the woods at the Firs Day Camp in Bellingham. I also loved the Thursday night sleepover when we got to sleep in these rustic, open air cabins that smelled like mildew — a smell that still reminds me of fun times at camp.” — Nancy Chaney, ParentMap Out + About editor
  6. The zipline. More specifically, being dared to go down only holding on with my hands and flying off the end into the bushes.” — Leann M.

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