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15 Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

Published on: July 08, 2011

DIY bug catcher necklace for kids by Whimsy LoveCatch and Release

Got a little one who can't get enough of the six-legged critters roaming in the backyard? Consider making a cool bedazzled bug catcher necklace, like this one shown on Whimsy Love!

Also a good excuse for picking out a 25 cent treat during your next grocery trip, this bug catcher necklace is made with the leftover container and stringed on to a beautiful, homemade beaded necklace. Just don't forget to poke some holes in the top of the lid so your little ladybugs can still get air! (Whimsy Love uses a thumbtack.)

Homemade driftwood sailboat for kids by Wabi-Sabi WanderingsSailing the High Seas

We've seen a lot of great homemade sailboat ideas, but this DIY driftwood sailboat on Wabi-Sabi Wanderings completely won us over!

Simply made using driftwood, a scrap of fabric, a thumbtack and a dowel (or a twig), this cool boat is one that can be used throughout the summer during trips to the park or to your favorite swimming hole. And who knows -- maybe you've got some Playmobils that are dying for a sail across the pond!

Homemade flower wreaths for kids by Garden MamaShowing Off Your Natural Beauty

Garden Mama offers up an excellent pictorial on how her and her littles made beautiful flower wreaths -- and, what a gorgeous way to creatively use your colorful summer blooms!

First they gathered some wild vines from the yard for the wreath's base and then they added a handful of bright and beautiful flowers from the garden to weave in. Garden Mama explains that some of their wreaths were donned as crowns throughout the day, while others claimed a spot on the kitchen table as a gorgeous centerpiece. Also to be noted: If you put your flower crowns in the fridge for the evening, they'll have a longer life for your mini garden royalty to wear throughout the week!

Water balloon target practice for kids by TinkerLabWater Balloon Fun

What would summer be without some good old-fashioned water play? Needless to say, we love this idea for setting up a water balloon target practice featured on TinkerLab.

Mama Rachelle says that she drew a giant bullseye on the sidewalk with chalk and let her daughter get to work on perfecting her water balloon aim and shot. Rachelle also admits that this was a pretty good exercise for hand-eye coordination and a fun physics lesson in projectile motion. We have a feeling that even the adults will want to get in on this science lesson!

Crafty seashell pom pom snails by Meet the DubiensSeashell Sensations

Planning a trip to the beach this summer with your kiddos? Consider going on a seashell scavenger hunt and putting your finds to good use by making these crafty seashell snails featured on Meet the Dubiens.

Made using colorful pom poms, pipe cleaners, and googley eyes (our favorite!), these cute little crustaceans are a great project for small hands to create after a day spent taking in some sunny sand and surf. Mama Jill also recommends gluing your seashell to a sanded stone for stabilization and longevity; check out her full post for more fun tips!

Homemade fishing pole by imagine ChildhoodGone Fishin'

If you've got some family fishing outings planned for this summer, be sure to check out Imagine Childhood's great tutorial on how to make your own fishing pole!

Though Mom and Dad will have to help with a little of the fishing pole's construction, this is one great weekend crafty project that everyone in the family can have fun helping out on. Be sure to visit Imagine Childhood for gorgeous photos and all of the needed supplies and steps -- and here's to hoping you catch "the big one!"

Backyard scavenger hunt for kids by Curly BirdsBackyard Treasures

Take your tots on a backyard summer scavenger hunt!

Curly Birds features this great tutorial on how you can turn common outdoor plants and animals into a fun, homemade I Spy-esque scavenger hunt game. Mama Helen simply drew up a page with various nature goodies and included stickers for her twin daughters to use for documenting their outdoor finds. And guess what -- Curly Birds also offers a downloadable version of their own scavenger hunt page for you to use. Super cool!

Super-sized marble painting for kids by Let the Children PlayMarble Madness

Let the Children Play provides some great tips and tricks for making super-sized marble paintings with your kids -- and really, what could be more fun?

To create their over-sized art project, teacher Jenny explains that they used a large piece of board with cardboard pieces taped to the sides. (Jenny adds that they've also used cheap canvas and that it's worked well too.) After your canvas is complete, simply cover your marbles or balls in paint and begin rolling your way to artistic success!

Homemade flower petal stained glass by The Artful ParentPetal Pretty

We can't get enough of this idea from The Artful Parent for making stained glass out of fresh flower petals -- absolutely gorgeous!

To get started on your own bright and beautiful summer stained glass, you'll only need a whopping two supplies: contact paper and flowers. (That's truly it!) Simply let your little flower girls (and boys) add various flower petals, pieces, leaves, and other pretty plants to the contact paper, apply it to the glass and voila -- you've got yourself some petal-perfect seasonal decorations.

Homemade harmonicas for kids by Maya*MadeDIY Summer Tunes

Hoping to make some sweet, summer tunes with your pint-sized musicians this year? We love this idea for making a homemade harmonica, featured over on Maya * Made!

For this homemade musical crafty goodness, you'll need three rubber bands, two popsicle sticks, two sturdy pieces of paper, and a bit of tape to hold 'er all together. Super quick and easy, this is one project that is sure to satisfy your mini rockstars all summer long!

Homemade twig dragonflies by Twig and ToadstoolTwiggy Twinklers

Looking for a little extra sparkle in the garden this summer? Check out Twig and Toadstool for a fantastic tutorial on how to make homemade dragonflies out of twigs.

A perfect project for smaller hands, these flashy insects only require a total of five materials: Twigs, maple keys for the wings, beads for the eyes, a glue gun, and plenty of colorful sparkling glitter. Side note: Mama Shanti highly recommends using Martha Stewart's gem stone glitter for the ultimate sparkle power. Get ready to let your summer shine!

Homemade watering cans for kids by iKat BagDIY Garden Supplies

Need a little help with watering the family garden this year? These homemade watering cans featured on ikat bag will certainly offer up a great way to include your mini green thumb in all of the digging and planting fun this season!

To get started on your own DIY watering cans, you'll need styrofoam cups, corrugated and regular cardboard, and rolled up cardstock for the spouts. Be sure to check out ikat bag for the full walkthrough -- and don't forget to deck out your DIY cans with plenty of bright and beautiful summery colors!

Homemade bird feeder by Rhythm of the HomePut a Bird On It

Or, at least in a fantastic homemade -- and completely recycled -- bird house like this one shown on Rhythm of the Home!

To get started on your own new fancy feeder, you'll need to have a cardboard juice or milk container, hot glue, wire, a sharp knife for mom, and last but not least, plenty of decorative materials such as paint or fabric. Oh, and birdseed! And as a bonus, check out this Rhythm of the Home's full post for additional fun summer activities -- including a DIY sundial, homemade bubbles and marbles, walnut shell boats, homemade chalk, and even a vanilla ice cream recipe!

Homemade summer fun list for kids by Pink and Green MamaSummer Gotta-Haves

Need to get your summer fun priorties straight? Don't miss out on this neat idea featured on Pink and Green Mama for creating a summer fun to-do list!

Writing down ideas such as "Grow sunflowers" and "Roast hot dogs," on watercolor paper with Sharpie markers, Marylea's tots finished off their must-have list by adding bright watercolors and shaping it into a giant heart. Check out Pink and Green Mama to see the beautiful finished product!

Homemade rock monsters by Little Pink StudioRockin' Summer Creativity

Little Pink Studio offers up a fantastic idea for going "rock hunting" and then turning your finds into cute little monsters, like these colorful little guys!

And we can't help but think -- how cool would these silly monsters look sprinkled throughout the family garden? (Maybe they could even spook the slugs away!) Simply snatch up some bright acrylic paints, set the kids out with their rocky new friends and watch as your newest little monsters are brought to life!

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