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Giant Magnet: Crazy-cool culture for your cubs

Published on: December 30, 2013

I didn't really want to go - it was raining again and 50% of my kids were whining - but go, we did, and I am telling you, it was the best decision I made all day (and that includes the "with whip" decision at Starbucks).

Why should you haul your brood to Giant Magnet shows this week? Because they are - and here I use the technical show reviewer's jargon - freakin' outrageous.

We'll be going back to see Les Argonautes again on Saturday; This troop of demented clown/acrobat/musician/jugglers from Belgium blew the top right off my son's head!

And speaking of heads, ever seen dancers breaking coconuts with theirs? Literally, tossing coconuts into the air and head-butting them, spraying milk and coco-goo into the crowd? Then you must go see Sidi Goma.

Here is what our uber-cool arts editor Kris says about that group: "Hot hot tip -- go see, if you possibly can, a show by Sidi Goma - The Black Sufis of Gujarat. They're a dance/drum troupe from Mumbai with a fascinating history of devotional dance based on African traditions. They did this peacock dance, with mime/ecstatic dancing/pounding drums/controlled energy/high spirits/stylized moves/hip hop-like improv -- it was impossibly fantastic."

"Impossibly fantastic?" I totally agree. I will never underestimate Giant Magnet again. Gitcher tickets and go!

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