Golden Teddy 2016 Camps + Classes

Winners and finalists for 2016

Camps + Classes

Here in the Northwest, we are serious about our kids’ enrichment opportunities. We keep their schedules full of classes, camps and learning opportunities. Lucky for us, it’s easy to make great choices about their activities when we have so many fantastic options. All of this serious scheduling is to ensure that the kids have the chance to uncover their passion. Will it be music, soccer, science, nature, theater or something else? Think of all the fun they’ll have as they find out.

2016 Camps + Classes — Winners + Finalists:

Swimming Camp + Class

Camp for Kids With Special Needs

Art, Dance, Theater + Music Program + Camp


Athletic Camp + Program

Infant + Toddler Class

Overnight Camp

Nature + Environmental Camp

After School + Learning Enrichment Camp

Family Camp

2016 Golden Teddy Awards — Other categories:

Food + Dining

Activities for Kids

Shopping + Services

Parent Resources  

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