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7 Hikes With a Prize for Puget Sound Families

From ice to water play to ghost towns, these hikes pay off big for families

Published on: May 01, 2017

7 Hikes With a Prize for Puget Sound Families

Panorama Point
Panorama Point. Credit: Jennifer Johnson

Panorama Point at Mount Rainier

The prize

Wildflowers and views right from the parking lot, summer snow patches and a Hobbit-like outhouse.

The hike

When parents want glorious views and lovely flowers, but aren’t sure how long the kids will hike, the trail from Paradise to Panorama Point delivers something for everyone. If you can encourage or bribe youngsters to climb the steep paved paths in the first mile, the grade gets easier after that. You’ll find blossoms of every color in July and August, jaw-dropping views of the mountain and Nisqually Glacier, and snow patches that can persist through the summer. Clear days allow views to three other volcanoes. Panorama Point makes a good snack stop and turnaround spot, and parents will appreciate the stone privy with rounded door, composting toilet, toilet paper and skylight.

Details: 5 miles round trip, 1,300 feet elevation gain. Admission to the National Park required. 

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