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Honest Valentine's Day Cards For Moms

Because 'romance' means something different when you're a parent

Meredith Bland

Published on: February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day. Wait... when is that again? February 14? And that's every year? Sheesh.

When you were single, Valentine's Day was important. It was the day you tested both your fragile self-esteem and whoever you happened to be dating at the time. Now that you have a partner and children, Valentine's Day has become just another reason you have to go to Target. It's also a day that makes clear your current priorities:

“You know what would be romantic, Bill? If you would put the kids to bed every once in a while. That would be romantic.”

Flowery, over-the-top romance just isn't my bag anymore. Whenever I look through a store's Valentine's Day cards, I become convinced that the people at Hallmark just don't understand my life.

So, I decided to rewrite a few cards with the long-married mother in mind. 








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