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4 Tips for Tackling That Laundry Pile

A professional organizer shares her tricks

Lea Schneider

Published on: January 08, 2018

4 Tips for Tackling That Laundry Pile

Laundry 2

Change your routine

Start making a dent in the amount of laundry you have by adopting a few habits professional organizers love:

  • Get rid of clothes you no longer wear. With fewer clothes, you won’t create mounds of laundry. It’s also easier to put things away when the closet is less crowded.
  • Invest in no-slip hangers so that your clothes stay in place. Wrinkled clothes that fall in the corner of the closet tend to be tossed back in the wash, even if they’re clean.
  • Make it a practice to hang clothes back up and wear them several times between washes. 
  • Stock up on items you wear only once before washing, like underwear, socks, and exercise clothes, so you don’t have to wash smaller loads as frequently.

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