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How to Set Up a Makerspace on the Cheap

Turn trash into treasure and encourage kids' creative play


Published on: January 29, 2021

How to Set Up a Makerspace on the Cheap

girl painting at dining room table

Make space

Though many of the makerspaces you’ll find on Pinterest dedicate entire rooms for tinkering and craft supplies, if you’re like most Seattleites, you don’t have a ton of unused space. That’s okay. We’ve had some variation of a makerspace in every home we’ve lived in (including the 700-square-foot apartment we called home as a family of five in Los Angeles.)

What’s most important is to provide a designated space where kids can easily access their inventory, preferably near a workspace where they can spread out their supplies and get creative. A counter, a desk, a folding table or a workbench will do. Or, consider a space-saving option such as a wall-mounted desk with room for storage or an art cart stocked near the dining room table that can travel with your little makers and their projects. 

Just don’t have an inch of space to spare? Talk to your child’s teacher about creating a makerspace at school and volunteer to help set it up.

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