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5 Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Issaquah Alps

Explore the nearby woods on great family hikes for any age

Published on: September 15, 2023

5 Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Issaquah Alps

big tree trail issaquah
Big Tree Trail. Credit: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

Big Tree Trail at Tiger Mountain

Find it: This trail is an add-on to the Swamp Monster Trail, accessed from the High Point Way trailhead at Tiger Mountain.

The Big Tree Trail is a connector trail and an easy add-on to Swamp Monster. The “Big Tree” is just that — a huge Douglas Fir that is thought to be one of the oldest and largest trees on Tiger Mountain. It is estimated to be many hundreds of years old.

To get to Big Tree Trail: At the end of the Swamp Monster Trail, continue through the wood barrier and cross through an open clearing and walk under some power lines. Re-enter the forest and then follow the path which has some gentle, rolling hills until you come to the Big Tree. The tree is fenced off and there is a bench to sit on and information about the tree on a plaque. Because you can’t get too close, it is a little hard to grasp its size, but its circumference measures 24 feet and the first branch is 75 feet off of the ground. Wow! Turn around and retrace your steps back to the Swamp Monster Trail and back to the main trailhead for a total distance trekked of about two miles. Still up for more exploring? Page ahead for additional trails in this same area.

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