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Meaningful New Traditions Families Should Start This Year

Build lasting memories and strong bonds with your kids

Madison Miller

Published on: November 28, 2023

Happy family sitting together smiling and laughing

January 1 is filled with promise and potential for a good year to come, making it an excellent time to reflect on changes you would like to make to your and your family’s lives. We know that parenthood is stressful and sometimes chaotic, but establishing new routines or traditions can lead to a stronger, healthier family.

Here are some family traditions to consider introducing to your New Year’s resolutions list this year.

  1. Share at least one meal together each week. Studies have shown that families sitting down to eat meals together leads to stronger bonds. Don’t have time to cook? Enlist the kids to be your sous chefs for even more time together.
  2. Commit to participating in at least one family activity each week. This could be a board-game night, a movie night or any activity that brings your whole family together. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an all-night Monopoly marathon, just something everyone would enjoy doing together for a couple of hours.
  3. Turn off those screens at least one hour before bed. Studies have shown that being on a smartphone or tablet right before bed disrupts sleep patterns. Make a point of powering down (and maybe picking up a good book?) before everyone turns in for the night. FYI This is good practice for parents, too.
  4. Plan regular date nights. Prioritize time as a couple throughout the year. Scheduling monthly date nights can improve your relationship and set an excellent example for your kids. A tip: Sit down to pick dates and activities in advance so you’re committed to the year ahead.
  5. Go on one family vacation in the coming year. This one is all about spending time together, focusing on fun, without the distractions of everyday life. Keep in mind that vacations don’t have to be expensive getaways. Even packing up the car to visit friends or relatives in another town counts.

Happy New Year! 

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