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6 Spontaneous Summer Date Night Ideas

Sneak in a date night some evening this summer

Vicky McDonald

Published on: August 04, 2022

Couple in Seattle

Keep it real

When you’re a parent, the key to date night is to keep your expectations low, because — well, you know, kids. Advance planning is all very well, but from my experience, the minute you nab those sought-after concert tickets or score a reservation at the best restaurant in town, things start to unravel fast — the babysitter can’t make it, your baby gets sick, your kid's “most important soccer game ever” is on that evening. The list goes on. 

So, here's my advice: Forget reservations, don’t wear anything fancy, consider something cheap or free, and even try a sneaky date during the day to keep the love alive. Parents, we all know you’re busy, so here are just five simple suggestions for fun and spontaneous dates in the Seattle area. 

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