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News Bites: Special Valentine's Day Edition

Published on: December 30, 2013

v_conversationcookies1In honor of all kinds of adoration, here's a special love-themed round-up of choice pieces we've been reading this week:

- Seattle Mama Doc examines the intense love affair between baby and binky, and whether/when you should break it up.

- The five principles of "love-onomics," by a pair of married economists who specialize in coupledom, includes a surprisingly irrational one: have children.

- Don't overestimate the importance of smooching your spouse, says this ParentMap report on a new study of, yes, kissing. (If you click over, let us know how you keep the love alive, and enter a great giveaway!)

- A fun Valentine's nature outing at Camp Long to investigate the love habits of salamanders (today and Saturday). Kids welcome.

- Slate investigates: Are women really addicted to chocolate?

- Tips on keeping love alive -- from The Seattle Times.

- Why talking about money can help with romance.

- What are the costs of breaking the one-valentine-per-child rule in class?

- The New Yorker writes a fascinating tome on online dating (it started in the 1960s!), plus a new study on whether it works.

- Want to plan a weekend getaway to restore romance and reconnection? Check out our top five ideas.

- Yesterday Washington State joined six other states in making gay marriage legal. No Valentine's Day weddings this year, though; couples won't be able to actually tie the knot until at least June 7.

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