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Published on: October 02, 2007

ParentMap October 2007 issue Put down that Lysol! Turns out, a little dirt is actually good for your
kids. This month, we focus on your child’s safety: germs, poisons,
strangers . . . hey — parenting can be scary. We’re here for you with
the info you need. Also this month, a sugar throw-down; we root it out
where it hides in kids’ food. And we’ve got your next weekend adventure
covered with family guides to Portland and Tucson. Welcome, fall!

Sneaky sweets: What’s lurking in your child’s ‘healthy’ foods?

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Getting School Ready: School vs. home: your child’s two personas  

When the window is open: Talk to your tween about drinking

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‘I just think of how ugly that world used to be’
Local kids star in To Kill a Mockingbird

Using books to tackle tough subjects

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Alayne SulkinDear Reader,

Hurray! Just when I am feeling exceptionally guilty about parenting
decisions I have made of late, I get good news: “Bacteria is
beneficial” (“Too Hyper About Hygiene?”).
My kids will undoubtedly talk about Mom on their shrink’s couch one
day, but not about my rigidity on this issue. Who knew they were better
protected because they were raised in an environment that helped build
their bodies’ defenses due to our comfort with dirt-digging, shoes in
the house and hugging behavior? Don’t get me wrong: I do have serious
restrictions in the hygiene area, especially when it comes to being
around kids’ noses that have free-flowing fluids.

On the other hand, in discussions about protecting kids from alcohol use, I stand firmly within the constraints of the law (“When the window is open: Talk to your tween about drinking”).
I jokingly suggest my family may have benefited from an occasional dose
of alcohol to relax its leaders, but this report calls even that into
question. The current 30% binge drinking rate reported by some area
high schools is no joke, and should stop you cold in your tracks on
your way to the liquor cabinet. “The data also suggest that students
don’t notice a lot of disapproval from parents.” Do we fully grasp the
effect of our role modeling?

Sugar of all kinds will be free-flowing this month with Halloween (“Sneaky sweets: What’s lurking in your child’s ‘healthy’ foods?”).
This report reveals the startling amount of sugar our kids consume —
from morning OJ to dinnertime ketchup — and creative healthy solutions
to consider. At our house, the most challenging aspect of providing
healthy choices of apples or grapes is the frequent trips to the
grocery store to keep the good stuff in stock in the kitchen fruit bowl.

I am not one to bash sugar and all of it greatness. But I urge you to
join me, Maya and her best gal pal Gracie (pictured below) for the
Halloween revolution being launched by Sammamish resident Corey
Colwell-Lipson (“Trick or treasure! Going green on Halloween”).
Green Halloween is a community movement adding an exciting
eco-conscious and healthy dimension to a holiday that traditionally has
been only about sweet-tooth indulgence. Trick, treat or treasure — let
us know how it goes!

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

P.S. Join us at the first Seattle-area Independent School Fair on Oct. 10 — 60-plus independent schools gathered in one room.

P.P.S. Happy birthday, Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center!

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