ParentMap, September 2007 Issue

Published on: September 30, 2007

ParentMap September 2007 issue Why
are more local families turning to men to help with the kids? In our
September issue we delve into to child care at every Age & Stage,
including the recent phenomenon of the manny. This month also brings
our ginormous, glorious annual Fall Arts Guide — bigger and better than
ever before! And if your family’s up for a little weird fun, why not
live in a tree? We’ll show you how. We’ll also sort out that whole
Mars-Venus thing with a look at how gender affects learning. Back to
school we go!

Feature: Helping your ADHD child

Ages & Stages:

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Getting School Ready:

How gender affects learning

Giving Together:

Issues: I'm a single mother, hear me roar!

Q & A: Michelle Obama: Balancing Barack
The working mom with one eye on the White House

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About this issue

Alayne SulkinDear Reader:

It is not an exaggeration to say that 23 years ago my husband peeled me
from the bosom of my most amazing and crazy Chicago family to journey
to Seattle. Let’s set the record straight: I love it here, and his
sense of adventure that took us west. The agony was directly related to
leaving an unrivaled lineup of brilliant, powerful, passionate,
independent women who (trust me) scream, debate, motivate, love and are
loyal like no other humans I will ever know. Summer just ended with
this vociferous group having a family dinner and talking about our
fellow Chicagoans, the Obamas.

There was no agreement, be assured.

When Michelle Obama (Q&A)
came to town recently with her passion and vision for a better America
and said, “We have told women to dream big, but after that, you’re on
your own,” my mom of blessed memory, her sisters and my cousins’ faces
flashed before me. I had the honor of hearing Michelle talk about her
and her husband’s dreams for this country, and inspire the locals about
change that I believe must happen — and soon. 

As amazing as Michelle Obama is, she is just one of many champion women in this full-to-capacity September issue.

My weird and wacky travel inspiration comes from our own managing editor Kristen Dobson (“Tree houses, caves and volcanoes, oh my!”).
This woman’s many talents go far beyond award-winning journalism. She
regularly takes her kids — and many other kids — on amazing trips,
hikes and most recently to the Treesort in southern Oregon. She even
motivated some of us overly comfortable-in-concrete Sulkins to take a
hike this summer.

I had a great visit recently with our own local theater genius, Linda
Hartzell of Seattle Children’s Theater. With no agenda in mind we
bounced off one another’s energy about art, theater, family life and
politics. Once I saw SCT’s 2007-08 lineup, I grabbed my tattered,
decade-old copy of The BFG to read to my 6-year-old before the curtains
go up on this performance. You will be dizzy with desire to pre-order
tickets for live performances once you gaze at our Fall Arts Preview and the myriad amazing organizations with great offerings for your family.

We wish you and your kids the best as you brush the sand off and head
back to school corridors for another year of learning for us all.

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

P. S. This fall, we’re excited to bring you our first-ever ParentMap Independent School Fair on October 10. Sixty schools under one roof — and it’s free! I’ll see you there.

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