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Publisher's Note, January 2014

Published on: December 31, 2013

Techno-fast Resolution

We’re sure we’ve birthed the first baby of 2014. Give a squeeze (or a digital wink) to a refreshed ParentMap. We hope you’ll love our new responsive design as you go from PC to mobile, discovering content to support your parenting journey. While you’ve cheered us on, we’ve learned lots from you along the way. Your insights and feedback elevate our products — so don’t hold back on us now. We love the love, but our aim is to provide you with essential, inspiring and reassuring content and a beautiful user experience. We want to know what you think!

This new year has us thinking about how life could be better. We aspire to greater connections with family and friends, better work-life balance and health. We get stuck in the fast-paced world, and when we do slow down we become zoned-out zombies in front of a screen. Have you looked up recently at your kids or partner to notice them gazing intently at their respective screens?

That is life today, but times are changing.

We’re honored to launch 2014 with an inspiring feature story that will move your inertia outside. In his book Last Child in the Woods, author Richard Louv labeled our propensity for the interior as “nature-deficit disorder.” As we struggle with “ubiquitous electronics” and poor city planning, we’re pulled away from the great outdoors. Ironically, many of us moved to this hidden earthly jewel of a region in part for its remarkable natural beauty. Let the open sunroof (weather permitting) no longer be logged as an outdoor experience. We can do better!

As motivation, snap cute pics of your kids and enter our Kids in Nature photo contest (all month long) on our Facebook page. The best photos win BIG rewards! And for inspiring outdoor adventures in January and beyond, visit

If inside is where you must be, at least crank up the fun factor and move like a maniac with Melain Blue and Cory Crawford. The rollin’ and rockin’ pair of beauteously built mamas who invented Rizzmic will inspire you to get fit in 2014!

May your new year overflow with love, great health and adventure!


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