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Questions you should never ask a mom

Published on: December 30, 2013

Via Zulily, a list of questions for mothers that -- if they occur to you  -- you should simply not ask.

My own un-favorite question, back in the day when I was having babies, was any variation on "Did you have a vaginal birth or a C-section?" I suppose this could be considered relevant information because folks are just trying to figure how long it might take you to recover from childbirth, but really, people: Just because I recently gave birth doesn't mean I want to discuss the state of my parts...with anyone.


1. Are you really going to go for another baby? (I’m asked this ALL. THE. TIME.)

2. When are you due? (Unless you know 110% that someone is pregnant, never, ever, ever, ever ask this!)

3. Have you lost all the baby weight?

4. Are you sure you’re not having twins? (Oh, man.. this is a tough one to hear when you’re VERY pregnant and feel you can’t get any bigger than you already are!)

5. How old are you?

6. Did you sleep well last night? You look tired.

7. How much weight did you gain during this pregnancy?

8. Have you lost all the baby weight yet?

9. You’re not wearing a bathing suit on the beach? (Yeah, let’s not even go there.)

10. What percentages were your child’s weight/height at birth (and beyond)? (This is a question that some moms can’t get past.)

11. What reading level is your child at? (I’m seeing this asked by a lot of moms to each other lately. What does it matter?)

12. Did you ever want a son? Or a daughter? (Depending upon what same sex child(ren) you have.)

13. Feeling stressed out by the kids? (Usually asked by an in-law.)

14. How can you wear heels all day?

15. Do you guys do a date night once a week? (Oh, I wish!)

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