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Raves: New gear we love

Published on: August 01, 2008

Arpillera storybookHave an Inca-ling

Lemme see if I’ve got this right: I buy gorgeous, colorful toys and clothes, sustainably hand-made by Peruvian artisans. Those artisans get to keep most of the profit — a wonderful thing in a Third World country. It’s win-win! I love Inca Kids’ arpillera storybook, with its five adorable little critters that can be Velcro-ed around the book — perfect for killing time in line or in the car. $23;

HugbugHuggly doll

Not since Uglydoll have I been so taken with a weird little critter. Bright colors and fun sounds make the Fuzzi Hugbug a fave among babes and parents. So much to do, see and hear! $18.50;

Sand-play set
Dig it

Summer’s in full swing — how many sand shovels have you lost so far? Replace ‘em with these great new Green Toys, made from recycled milk containers! This plastic is sturdy, safe and nontoxic; toys are made in California by a company that’s downright eco-obsessive. Sand play set: $19.99;

411 wristband
Wrist watcher

Strap on a little peace of mind this summer with these nifty little wristbands. Each pack of 30 “My 411 Wristbands” is personalized with your phone numbers and notes on allergies and special needs. The supertough bands are designed to stay on until you cut them off; designs are so cute and kid-friendly, your tot won’t mind the extra accessory. $21 for a pack of 30;

It goes to Eleven

Eleven shoes
I can’t resist a shout-out to this great new shoe company in Portland. Sister ship to beloved local See Kai Run, Eleven shoes come in the same gorgeous, supple leather and chic styles, but are created for bigger kids, sizes 9–1. This couple really knows how to design shoes. If I wait long enough, do you think they will launch a line called “Forty”? $48; momwear

 Alien, Part 5

 I’m sorry, I just go there. But check out this ingenious momwear! You can rock the ‘roo look while keeping baby close and warm. Peekaru is soft, stretchy, mostly recycled fleece — great for layering on gray Northwest days, light enough to wear under a coat. $79.95;

Kristen Dobson



Cubby stacker
Earthly delight

Kirkland-based Earthentree is taking natural toys to new heights. Eco-friendly materials, including sustainable wood and natural dyes, create glossy, appealing toys that feel wonderful in little hands. The “Cubby” stacker blows plastic stackers off the map. You can win one! To enter, email us at; be sure to put “cubby” in the subject line. $22;


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