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Spooktacular Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers and the Big Kids

From 'Star Wars' to 'Inside Out,' one-stop spot for awesome 2015 costume ideas

Published on: October 05, 2015

Photo credit: Birthday Express

Look spooktacular this Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner which means dress-up season is here! We’ve gathered the best costumes for every age group from the tiniest family member to the oldest and everyone in between. 

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Photo credit: Birthday Express


Babies are cute on their own but add in a Halloween costume and you have cuteness galore! The best part about babies in Halloween costumes is that they’ll pretty much wear whatever their parents desire so your options are endless. Now is the time to dress your little one up in the costume of your dreams. 

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Baby + animal costume = adorable

Babies as animals? Now that is adorable! This baby bunny costume is hoppingly charming. Or dress your little one as a lobster, monkey or lovable lion and you’ll have a roaring good trick-o-treater on your hands.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Super baby!

Think your baby is pretty super? Show the world how incredible your baby is by dressing them as a baby superhero. They’ll be up, up and away the most delightful guests at the neighborhood Halloween shindig. 

Photo credit: This Place is Now a Home Blog

Baby-and-parent costumes

Love dressing up yourself while wearing your little one? Dress up as the spider web and have your baby geared up as a spider for a spookily good time. The movie and popcorn lover in all of us will appreciate this baby’s first Halloween costume


Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids


These little toddling machines make Halloween dress-up time fun and an endless delight. As they dart from house to house, their excited faces dressed up in adorable costumes will bring joy to any celebration. 

Photo credit: Kohls 

Star Wars, of course!

Star Wars will be back in the theaters in December but show the world that your child is already using the force with a toddler Yoda costume. You’re bound to hear people saying, “Strong in this child, the force is,” as you hit up all the trick-o-treat hot spots. 

Photo credit: Francesca Russell

Crafty, cuddly lamb costume

Knitters will love crafting this sweet lamb costume for their cuddly bundles of energy. Dress their older sibling as Little Bo Peep for a great duo costume. You might even convince the older sibling to help herd your toddler lamb throughout the Halloween festivities. 

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

The classics

The classic costumes get miles of use at this age. From a storybook dragon to fairytale rainbows, costumes that fit over your toddlers regular clothing will be a huge hit and guaranteed future dress-up opportunities. Or take your garden gnome out of the garden and around your neighborhood to spread some fairytale lore. The red coned hat and attached ears make this costume into a humorous delight.

Photo credit: Party City

Bi bop, bi bop!

The Rosalie the Robot costume transforms your ordinary toddler into a cuddly machine with a real heart. Pair with an old-fashioned oil can for a humorous accessory. This costume will also help keep your child warm on a cold Halloween night. 

Photo credit: Target

Little kids

Pup, pup, and away!

For the Paw Patrol Obsessed preschooler, the Paw Patrol Skye costume or the boy’s Paw Patrol Marshall costume will help little adventurers keep the Adventure Bay community safe.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Costumes for the whole castle

Little Princesses will swoon in delight while wearing the gold snow fairy costume. Small knights can show off their gallantry while protecting their castle from fire breathing dragons

Photo credit: Amazon

Brrr! Frozen fun

Has Frozen fever taken over your house? Show off the obsession with an Elsa costume, Olaf garb or Princess Anna gown. These costumes will be worn long after Halloween fades from view. 

Photo credit: Make It Love It

Wowing with a wig

Crafty parents will want to make this yarn wig to amp up their child’s costume. The tutorial is for a Rainbow Brite costume but could also be used to make a wig for Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy or even to dress up your Frozen Fever Elsa costume. The possibilities are endless!

Photo credit: Buy Costumes, Disgust from Inside Out

Big kids

Older children love dressing up as much as their younger counterparts! Don’t leave them out of the festivities. 

Photo credit: Buy Costumes

Expressing emotions

Let your pre-teen express their emotions with the classic Joy costume from Inside Out. No need for any angst with this get-up. The costume features Joy’s bright blue wig and an easy to wear dress. If she’d rather show her disgust at Halloween, the Inside Out Disgust costume will be ideal for your pre-teen!

Photo credit: Party City 

Minion madness 

Show off a Minion obsession with the Kevin Minion costume. The blue overalls and attached yellow long-sleeve shirt make for an easy to wear costume. Soon your big kid will be despicably adorable with Minion goggles and yellow headpiece. You can get the entire family involved and have everyone dress up as Minions, even the dog.

Photo credit: Party City

Rainbow dash

Magical adventures await with a Rainbow Dash Costume. My Little Pony is not just for little kids, big kids enjoy it too. This T-shirt dress features Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark and has attached rainbow suspenders and layers and layers of tulle. Help your pre-teen show that friendship is magic with this fun dress-up costume. 

Photo credit: Chasing Fireflies

More Star Wars, of course!

Avoid capture by the Imperial Army’s Stormtroopers and roam the Halloween galaxy while keeping the force close at hand with the Young Jedi’s costume. Star Wars fanatics will love re-enacting their favorite scenes with some playing Stormtroopers and others acting as Jedi. 

Photo credit: Amazon


Adults also love dressing up for Halloween so here are a few of our favorites. 

A perfect pair

Do you go together like peanut butter and jelly? Show the world that you make the perfect sandwich with this get-up because nothing pairs better with Jelly than Peanut Butter. Bacon and eggs are another perfect pairing. 

Photo credit: Flattery


This fawn/deer costume is fun to make and pairs delightfully with the Garden Gnome toddler costume. You’ll be the darling at all the Halloween celebrations with such a natural ensemble. 

Photo credit: The Craft Patch Blog

My, what big costumes you have!

Craft a family ensemble of Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma, the woodcutter and the Big Bad Wolf for a fairytale of a time.

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