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The Best Ways to Tackle a Spring Home Makeover

50+ ideas for home organization, fresh décor, spring cleaning and other ways to update your space

Published on: March 15, 2021

mom pushing her smiling son across the floor in a laundry basket

More than just spring cleaning

There's something about a sunny day that puts everyone in a good mood — until the light glares on your dirty windows and illuminates all the clutter and dust that has accumulated over the winter. We know spring cleaning isn't the most inspiring topic, but there's something cathartic about clearing, organizing and buying a few new home décor pieces. 

If you're ready for some practical tips, tricks and solutions to your cleaning and decluttering woes, keep reading! We've rounded up our best spring cleaning and décor articles, from our favorite Ikea storage solutions to green cleaning products — and a few of our favorite mirrors, houseplants and other simple, home-brightening products.

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