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6 Simple Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

Houseplants, mirrors, candles and more to bring some light and color into your space

Vicky McDonald

Published on: March 05, 2021

Monstera houseplant

So many of us have been living, working and schooling from home for nearly a year now. Your home may be looking as tired and worn out as you feel.

Spring is the perfect time to spruce your place up a bit, donate or recycle your old stuff and give your environment a refresh. A few new houseplants and home décor items can add some inexpensive color and cheer. We've rounded up six simple ideas to give your tired-looking space a quick spring makeover. 

1. Monstera plant

House plant sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and it’s not surprising given how much time we all spend at home. A big green house plant can be both a useful and beautiful addition as it purifies the air in your home and relieves dryness.

The coveted Monstera or “Swiss Cheese Plant” is popular for a reason. It looks impressive, it’s easy to care for and gives your home a quirky, jungle feel. This plant tolerates lower light but is best placed near a bright and sunny east or west-facing window. 

Mediterranean capri candle from Amazon quick ways to freshen up your space for spring
Capri candle

2. Capri candle

Add a touch of Mediterranean beauty to your home with this striking candle that’s scented with tropical and citrus fruits. This candle reportedly has the same scent as the ones burned in Anthropologie stores. Place this bright blue Capri candle on your mantlepiece or in your home office for some vacay vibes. 

3. A stunning mirror

Bring instant drama and brightness to any room with this elegant sunburst mirror. The stylish antique gold finish is a classic and will give a little extra pop to your living area. It would be a great addition to your living room, entryway or even your bathroom.

Moroccan-style cushions from Amazon

4. Moroccan-style cushions

Upgrade a plain-looking sofa or chair with gorgeous hand-woven cushions that will add a touch of color and bring a bohemian feel to your living room. Choose from three different colors that are available as lumbar or square cushions.  

5. Chevron blanket 

This classic chevron throw blanket comes with a rustic fringe and would look great on a sofa or accent chair. Cozy up with it when your back needs a break from your regular chair. This blanket comes in a wide variety of colors and is machine washable. 

6. Glass wind chimes

Add some instant color and rustic charm with beautiful glass wind chimes. Place them at your doorway or on your deck and enjoy the sweet melodic sounds. 

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