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Star Wars, STEM and Shopkins: Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Our list of hot holiday toys that provide fun, nostalgia, learning and exploration

STEM | Star Wars | Shopkins

We want so much for our kids’ holiday booty: toys that provide fun, of course, but also learning and maybe a dash or two of parental nostalgia. This is our lucky year, it turns out. In 2015, hot holiday toys are skewing toward science and math education; collectibles that include some nods to parents; and goofy whole-family play. Ali Mierzejewski, senior editor of toy review website The Toy Insider, expects the white-hot STEM toy trend to be counterbalanced by a renewed interest in old-school unplugged toys, new offerings in the popular maker toys category and an explosion of Star Wars toys.

What might be right for your family? Here’s a list of cool toys and kits that kids want, right now — many of which parents will be excited about, too. 

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