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5 Ways to Have Fun Indoors When It’s Too Hot Out

Bonus: No sunscreen required

Jessica Graham

Published on: August 07, 2018

Girl with popsicle play inside when it's too hot out

Get out of the house. Go to the library. Visit an indoor play space. Browse at a bookstore. Count the variety of fish at the local pet store. Head to a museum. Give everyone a few bucks and let them go wild in the dollar store. 

Give toys new life. Gather up stuffed animals, bandages and a doctor’s kit, and voilà! The junior veterinarian is in. Or, set chairs in rows and give the kids boarding passes and pretzels to play airplane. Or try one of these great ideas straight from a preschool teacher's bag of tricks.

Play with water, indoors. Ice cubes in the sink become icebergs for toy ships and mini sea captains to maneuver around. Dolls and rubber duckies can take bubble baths. Only a couple of these DIY water fun ideas are suitable for indoors, but give them a try!

Have a no-sunscreen-needed beach day. Lay beach towels on the living room floor and pass out fruit drinks with umbrellas. Dig your fingers into kinetic sand and play indoor volleyball with a balloon or beach ball. If you need a beach snack, try making a homemade cool summer treat with your crew.

Go on a treasure hunt. Send your kids all over the house hunting for clues. The final destination can be the freezer — where you’ve stashed Popsicles or ice cream. Then everyone can put them to a taste test to determine their favorite flavor.  

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