TEST - Link Bug

Published on: April 08, 2017

This is a test page to test the bug where links are not opening in a new tab after an article is re-saved.

According to Nancy:

Here's an example of links previously saved to open in a new tab losing that designation. This Disneyland article was pubbed last fall and proofed at least once. All links opened in new tab. Just now I was looking at it -- linking to it in a new article -- and see that ALL the links, and there are many, now open in same tab. I went through intro and first give bullets in list and opened links and checked the box to open in a new tab. That was some 25 links. Second half of article I left as is. Is this designation evident in the code somehow that we can see? It's frustrating this is happening. I think this was already logged as a bug, just sending this article as an example.

Hi, it's fun to edit articles. 


Test links set to open in new window:

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