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Pretty and Delicious: 8 Fun Edible Flowers to Plant With Kids

Brighten up your garden — and your dinner plates — with these best-bet blooms

stacey brewer

Published on: March 26, 2021

Pretty and Delicious: 8 Fun Edible Flowers to Plant With Kids

Close-up of a field of daisies


Why: Such a classic, charming flower! Daisies are perennials — get them started one summer and they’ll be a prolific bloomer for years to come. Daisies are laden with pollen and will attract lots of bees into your garden. They are easy to maintain and look beautiful in a summer bouquet.

When and where: Start daisies from seed in June through early July, when the soil temperature is high enough to promote good germination. Just be sure to keep the seed bed moist. Daisies, like most of the flowers on this list, enjoy full sun. However, I’ve planted several daisies in my partially shady side yard with great success! (Buy daisy seeds.)

Flowers can be more than just for show, and once you start eating the tasty ones, you’ll want even more edible blooms in your backyard. Your neighborhood pollinators will, too!

This article was first published a few years ago and has been updated for spring 2021.

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