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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Less Than $25

These little gifts are sure to spread big holiday joy

Malia Jacobson

Published on: November 22, 2021

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Less Than $25

Beagle or Bagel board game for kids families
Beagle or Bagel? game by Blue Orange

Family play

Stuck on you

Clack! is a fast-paced, picture-based game that’s simple enough for kids to play on their own, but fun for families. With just five rules and no complicated instructions, the magnetic matching and stacking game makes keeping the score simple: The tallest tower wins! The game can be played by two players or an entire brood (up to six players). Clack! by Amigo Games sells for $18.95 on (Ages 5 and older)

Curl up

Think you know your beagles from your bagels? Think again. This silly, surprisingly challenging game asks one simple question: Is this image a dog or a breakfast food? It’s the perfect choice for those “Let’s pick a game that won’t take all night” evenings when a good laugh is in order. Find the Beagle or Bagel? game by Blue Orange for $12.99 at (Ages 7 and older)

Picture it

A paperless, mess-free version of Pictionary that appeals to even too-cool teens? Yes, Virginia, there is such a game. The latest version of Mattel’s Pictionary lineup lets players “draw” images in the air, which then appear on a smartphone, tablet or television screen (app download required). Players can interact with their drawings and record performances with the app to relive the fun long after the holiday decorations have been stored away. Barnes & Noble stocks Pictionary Air by Mattel for $22.99. (Ages 8 and older)

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in November 2019, and updated in November 2021. 

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