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Tips (and Gear!) to Make Parenting Multiples Easier

From great gear to sleep savvy to bathing, feeding and dressing solutions, sanity-saving strategies from a mom of twins

Published on: October 30, 2019

Tips (and Gear!) to Make Parenting Multiples Easier

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Credit: Nose Frida

Gotta-get-it gear

Here are some key products that worked well for my twins — no gimmicky gear, just the basics you won’t want to skimp on. (Psst! Apart from the double stroller, these items are just as handy for parents of singletons.)

The all-important double stroller with clip-in car seats

Hauling infant twins out of the house and then wrangling them in and out of the car can leave you sweating and exhausted. We found car seats that clipped into a double stroller and then into bases installed in our cars. We didn’t have to take the babies in and out of seats whenever we went anywhere. Fast. Convenient. Low stress. That’s exactly what parents of multiples need: sweat-free shortcuts that save everyone’s sanity.

Stroller handle straps

Our double stroller was decked out with handle straps and clips. Instead of us having to shove everything into the bottom of the stroller, these clips allowed us to stay organized while keeping the necessities right within reach: my purse, a water bottle, the diaper bag. With multiples, you’ll feel like you need a moving truck just to leave the house for even a short outing. These straps ensure there’s room for everything.

Vented baby bottles and gripe water

It took us a few weeks before we discovered vented baby bottles (I like Dr. Brown’s best), and it took us even longer to learn about the benefits of gripe water. Both help limit gas and prevent major spit-ups after feedings (and even projectile vomiting from babies eating too quickly). We had one baby who would scream like she was in pain while still sleeping. I Googled everything to figure out what was happening. Turns out, she just had gas. The combo of the vented baby bottles and gripe water worked miracles — she never screamed like that again. (Consult with your pediatrician to see if they recommend gripe water for your baby.)

Foldable, minimalist high chairs

When you are a parent of multiples, baby items are scattered everywhere, and they seem to take over your house. Your once chic living room turns into a dumping (play)ground. And if you live in a smaller space, baby gear can become overwhelming very quickly. One way to help is to use foldable, minimalist high chairs. After feeding our twins, we’d stash their high chairs behind the recliner, out of sight and out of the way — two less things to stumble over.

NoseFrida Snotsucker

When twin babies get colds, parents in the know turn to the NoseFrida Snotsucker. The whole concept of sucking the snot out of baby’s nose with a contraption — and your mouth — is a little stomach-churning, but it’s effective, much more so than the standard blue bulb syringe the nurse gives you when you leave the hospital. This booger buster really helps clear out the nasal passages so baby can breathe better and be more comfortable. As a side note, don’t forget to put a filter in there to catch the stuff coming out. My husband learned this the hard way once.…

Slumberrific sleep sacks

We didn’t buy into the whole sleep sack thing until our babies kept waking up when they kicked out of their swaddles. But once we started using sleep sacks, everything changed. The babies stayed warm and comfortable, and I didn’t have to worry about whether or not they’d wriggle out of their swaddles and accidentally suffocate on the blanket. We used those bad boys for as long as we could. It makes me want my own sleep sack.

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