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Thanksgiving Escapes for Seattle Kids and Families

Kayak Point County ParkIt wasn’t until I started my first real post-college job — the kind that gives you one week of vacation after you’ve been working for an entire year — that I fully appreciated a primary reason to be grateful at Thanksgiving: four glorious, contiguous days off.

After my “aha” moment, I started skipping town during Thanksgiving and using those four days to jump-start a vacation I couldn’t have done otherwise. Southern Spain, Vancouver, B.C., even a honeymoon in Paris.

My Thanksgiving getaway strategy has atrophied since having our son. But now that he’s almost 4, I’m feeling the November itch again, except that now I am drawn to destinations just far enough away that we can have a small adventure and reconnect as a family.

Here’s my wish list for Thanksgiving getaways that are easy to plan even just a few weeks out.

1. Victoria, B.C.: Tea, trees and salmon

2. Whistler: Early-bird skiing

3. Yurt or other rustic retreat: Pass the remote

4. Seabrook: Reconnect at a family resort

5. Portland: Holiday lights and microbrews

6. More Thanksgiving escape tips from readers


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