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Historically Hip Story Stroll

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Wed, September 28, 2022
Thu, September 29, 2022

Everyone is welcome to this free event! Hop on board the Peace Train! The Historically Hip Story Stroll, features Peace Train, by Cat Stevens & Peter H. Reynolds, Illustrator. Start at the Library & head north along Front Street.

This year the Story Stroll, hosted by King County Public Library, features Peace Train, by Cat Stevens & Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator). The book is based on the Cat Stevens song Peace Train (published by Universal Music Group). The Story Stroll starts at the Issaquah Library and heads north on Front Street. The Story Stroll is a creative way for children and adults to enjoy reading while spending time outdoors. The stroll is open to the public at anytime and about .6 miles on flat terrain (trolley friendly) and takes about 30 minutes.

Event Details