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ParentMap Special Edition

Family Adventure Guide Summer 2021

Are we there yet?

Since spring of 2020, pent-up families have been chafing under house arrest, missing out on so many seasonal adventures. Though our world is starting to feel a bit safer each day as families receive their vaccinations, the months ahead will still require us to navigate with caution. That’s why we at ParentMap are anointing 2021 as the Year of the Family Road Trip! Partake of our fab itineraries for Washington state road trips the kids will love. And for when the sound of the open road gets drowned out by a chorus of “We’re bored!” and “Are we there yet?”: We’ve included five clever on-the-go road trip games to keep your backseat passengers entertained.

We’ve also rounded up seven easy and gorgeous hikes at Mount Rainier, and for quirky outings closer to home, consult our list of utterly oddball and Instagram-able landmarks around Seattle that are perfect photo-plus-play opps for an afternoon out.