ParentMap Special Edition

Learning 2021

Oh, what a difference a year in this pandemic life makes — and in some ways, not! As happy as we are that our kids are getting back to in-person instruction, apprehensions about their safety are top of mind with every school day that dawns. This year’s Learning issue focuses on practical ways parents can help their kiddos (and themselves!) cope with the academic and social anxieties of returning to school, as well as prepare them to be as protected as possible from the physical and mental health threats of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

On the lighter side, we take a look at the power of play to help young children offset pandemic learning loss, and offer some clever books and activities that kindle literacy in little ones.

You can also read about what the latest research reveals about screen time and child development, the benefits of enrichment programs for college-bound kids, and the perils of learned helplessness (and how to prevent it).