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10 Christmas Cookies to Make This Holiday Season

Cute and festive cookies that are fun to make with kids.

Jen Betterley

Published on: November 20, 2023

Grandmother making Christmas gingerbread cookies with her granddaughter

While you have your grandma’s famous Christmas cookie recipe, why not add a new recipe this year? The best part is you get to enlist your little helpers and make magical memories together. Here are 10 delicious and creative recipes to consider.

Standing Gingerbread Men Cookies

You've finished making your gingerbread house, but what good is it when there’s no one to live in it? In The Kids Kitchen offers up these adorable gingerbread men sugar cookies that stand up on their own! While you could make these out of real gingerbread, sugar cookies usually pass the picky eaters’ test. This easy recipe can be replicated for any holiday as the decorating ideas are endless.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Love chocolate? Give this year’s Christmas cookies an extra touch of deliciousness with this neat recipe for chocolate sugar cookies featured on Sprinkle Bakes. We love seeing the classic holiday sugar cookie get a makeover, and all that’s needed is the addition of dark cocoa powder. Check out the rest of Heather’s simple recipe to see how you too can create two dozen of these festive Christmas treats.

Christmas chocolate sugar cookies by Sprinkle Bakes

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

We have always been big fans of chocolate crinkle cookies, but these chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies featured on Bakers Royale could not be more perfect for the holiday season! That chewy-gooey fudge-like chocolate dusted with powdered sugar, or, “snow,” as your mini might say… And with peppermint extract to boot! We’re sold. Needless to say, we couldn’t agree more with Mama Naomi when she says, “These cookies are as beautiful as they are yummy.” Hoping to make your own for this year’s holiday party? Follow the link for Naomi’s go-to recipe and full tutorial.

Christmas chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies by Bakers Royale

Colorful Swirl Cookies

Hoping to wow at this year’s holiday cookie swap? Don’t miss out on these bright and beautiful Christmas swirl cookies featured on Our Italian Kitchen! Also known as “pinwheel cookies,” these fun Christmas treats gain their gorgeous looks courtesy of food coloring — and possibly some extra flavor from some holiday-esque extracts (mint, cherry, etc.). Before getting started, be sure to read through the full recipe for tips; and get ready to roll!

Christmas roll-up swirl cookies by Our Italian Kitchen

Peppermint Pretties

Originally known as “peppermint meltaways,” these peppermint pretties featured on Craftaholics Anonymous are sure to please at your upcoming holiday bash! Made using only five ingredients, these charming cookies are noted as being melt-in-your-mouth tasty and easy for home bakers to create. Check out the rest of Linda’s post for the full recipe.

Christmas peppermint meltaway cookies by Craftaholics Anonymous

Gingerbread Heads

Confectionary queen Angie of Bakerella offers up these adorable holiday gingerbread face cookies! Admitting that she loves making these heads rather than the usual full-bodied men because she gets more cookies out of the deal and it’s plenty of fun giving them silly faces, Angie got started by tracing out her circles on paper to plan what her mini-sweet friends would look like when they were finished. Check out her full recipe and post for a complete pictorial on creating your own gingerbread crew, along with fun tips on adding in some mini snowmen.

Christmas gingerbread face cookies by Bakerella

Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

Who could resist these lovable little reindeer featured on Bakergirl? Easily made with a peanut butter cookie or sugar cookie recipe, these sweet little critters are as delicious as they are endearing with mini chocolate-covered pretzel antlers and M&M facial features. To get started baking your own little herd, check out the full recipe and walkthrough.

Christmas reindeer cookies by Bakergirl

Oreo Snowman Treats

If you’re in need of some Christmas treats that can double as quick and easy holiday gifts, these fun snowmen included on The Idea Room are sure to please your pint-sized party guests. Easily made with Double-Stuff Oreos, melted white chocolate, mini chocolate chips and candy corn, the cookie pops can also be served as melting snowmen if you don’t have lollipop sticks on hand. See the full post for more holiday cookie pops ideas and the full walkthrough on creating these little festive cuties.

Christmas snowman Oreo cookies by The Idea Room

Celebrated as the most popular recipe ever posted on Baked Perfection, these candy cane blossoms are proven to be a winner when it comes to must-have Christmas cookies. To get started on your own, you’ll want to have some Hershey’s candy cane kisses, Risa’s sugar cookie recipe, some red and green colored sugar, and mini sprinkles for an extra dash of holiday flair. Bite-sized, beautiful, and easy to make — just the way we like it!

Christmas peppermint blossom cookies by Baked Perfection

Nutter Butter Snowmen

Yet another clever idea for creating mini snowmen, these fun little Nutter Butter friends featured on Brown Eyed Baker are guaranteed to be an absolute hit with your tots this holiday season! Made using Nutter Butter cookies, vanilla-flavored white candy melts, M&Ms, halved orange Tic-Tacs, and black icing for their facial features, this is one no-bake treat that your kids will love creating — and eating — at this year’s holiday party.

Christmas Nutter Butter snowman cookies by Brown Eyed Baker

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in December 2012, and updated in November 2023. 

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