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20 Homemade Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Published on: January 15, 2013

Valentine's Day "heartbreaker" cards by MadeHomemade Heartbreakers

We love this idea for making "heartbreaker" candy pouch valentines featured on Made -- and like Mama Dana says, "Who said valentines were only red and pink?"

Easily made with colorful paper, staples, and a little bit of scissor work, these sweet homemade hearts feature bright colors that will work well for both boys and girls. And if you've got extra Halloween candy still lingering in the pantry, consider reusing some of it for the secret candy included in these valentines -- always a treat for mom! Check out the site for  Dana's full walkthrough; there's also a printable PDF available for the valentines shown.

Homemade superhero lollipop valentines by Zakka LifeNever before have we thought about candy coming to the rescue, but these superhero lollipop valentines featured on Zakka Life are sure to do just that!

Simply made with tape, colorful paper, a bit of scissor work, and Mama Jessica's printable PDFs, these caped-crusading lollys are sure to be an instant hit at this year's valentine exchange -- and they're incredibly easy to make! Check out the full post for all of the .PDFs needed and Jessica's tutorial to get started on making your own.

Homemade wild animal valentines by Chez Beeper Bebe

If you've got a little one who loves wild animals, consider making some cool critter-esque homemade valentines like those featured on Chez Beeper Bebe.

Featuring tie-on animal bracelets, these neat cards are made with plastic wild animal beads and colored suede cords found at craft stores like Michael's. Overall, these make a great alternative for candy-free valentines and are sure to leave young animal-lovin' classmates smiling! Mama Holly includes the printable PDFs for the cards in the full post; also be sure to check out the rest of the site -- there's much to love!

Homemade animal valentines by Lisa Storms on FiskarsMonkey Business


Speaking of wild animals... We can't get enough of these monkey and lion homemade valentines by Lisa Storms on Fiskars.

Quick and easy to make with colorful cardstock, googly eyes and a couple of hole punchers in different sizes, these valentines will generate plenty of giggles among your pint-sized sweethearts! Be sure to check out the full post for the tutorials and a super-cool additional idea for making a snazzy valentine with Pop Rocks!

Friendship bracelet valentines by DandeeBFFs for Life


Featured on Dandee, these cute friendship bracelet valentines are certain to be a smash at your little one's Valentine's Day card exchange!

Taking about an hour and half to finish 25 different bracelets, Mama Danyelle and her daughter Abby also chose to go with a basic braid for the bracelets to make the project a little simpler. If you're interested in using the same card shown, you're in luck! There's a printable PDF featured at the bottom of the post.

Homemade valentines with bubbles by ArmelleBubble Up


Looking for a great candy-free Valentine's Day card alternative? Search no farther than Armelle's idea for making valentines with bubble solution.

Mama Caroline said that she found the mini bubble containers in the wedding section of the craft store, and then she simply added them to homemade printed cardstock with a cellophane cover. If you're hoping to use the same cards and labels featured, you're in luck! Check out the full post for printable PDFs.

Valentine's Day photo cards by Eighteen253D Valentine's Day Fun


If you're looking for a quick and easy Valentine's Day card, be sure to check out this fab idea from Eighteen25 for making 3D photo valentines.

To make your own, simply take a picture of your child with her fist stretched out in front of her. Once the picture is ready to go, cut a hole in the top and the bottom of the fist and insert a lollipop -- like we said, super easy! Also included in this post: 10 additional cool valentine ideas from clever and creative ladies around the web!

Chapstick Valentine's Day card by Giver's LogChapstick Cool


Giver's Log always features fun ideas for goodies that are under 13 ounces and can easily be sent through the mail as surprise gifts -- and this rolled-up chapstick is no exception!

Though the chapstick shown was sent as a birthday gift, Mama AmberLee says that this can work just as well for a fun Valentine's Day treat. To make your own, simply get a long piece of brown paper and add a personal note with decorative paper to the inside. Check out the full post to see how AmberLee added the mailing address and postage -- such a clever idea for sending Valentine's Day love to friends who live far away (and are in need of a little winter balm)!

Homemade crayons Valentine's Day cards by The Long ThreadColorful Cards


Similar to the homemade crayon valentines that we featured last year, we can't get enough of these cool, colorful cards presented on The Long Thread!

Simply made out of recycled crayon bits, these heart crayons are incredibly easy to make -- and will put those old crayons to good use! Check out the full post for Mama Ellen's downloadable PDF that can be printed on white cardstock.

Homemade monster Valentine's Day cards by Make and TakesMonster Mash


Need a little more monster in your life? Don't miss out on these adorable homemade monster valentines featured on Make and Takes!

Easily made using colorful cardstock, googly eyes, foam glue dots, and monster-iffic patterned paper, these cute DIY cards are simple for small hands to produce. Check out the full post to see all of Mama Marie's brightly colored monsters and for the full tutorial. Gotta love those extra large googly eyes!

Mix CD Valentine's Day card by Dandee on Design MomValentine's Day Tunes


If you've got an older child who is hoping to avoid "all that pink and mushy stuff" this Valentine's Day, take a tip from Design Mom's guest blogger Danyelle Matthews: give the gift of music!

Featuring a personalized CD mix for each classmate, Design Mom offers up a fun example playlist and the printable PDFs for the cool paper CD cases. As Mama Danyelle puts it, "Valentines have never been so hip. Or easy!" We couldn't agree more.

Homemade color theory Valentine's Day cards by Mer MagA Lesson in Color Theory


Mama Merrilee of Mer Mag features these neat color theory Valentine's Day cards -- and what an excellent opportunity for an all-in-one art project!

To get started, Merrilee drew out a grid on cardstock and her little one got to work on filling in the blank squares with various shades of red and pink. After the cards had dried, they place each one in a vellum envelope with a delicious chocolate heart. Visit the site to see the full project from beginning to end, complete with lots of gorgeous photography!

Robot Valentine's Day cards by Lisa StormsRobot Raves


Lisa Storms shows off these adorable robot valentines -- we think that they're absolutely perfect for both boys and girls. (It's hard to resist a robot -- especially when it is made out of candy!)

A quick and easy Valentine's Day card that younger kids can make, these robots are simply made out of a mini candybar wrapped with colorful cardstock. Lisa says that these cards are great because they can be as random and silly as you like, and she also recommends using glue dots to speed up the project. Check out the full post for the rest of her great tips!

Secret message Valentine's Day cards by Mini-ecoSecret Valentine Messages


Mama Kate of Mini-eco shares this fab idea for making "secret message in a bottle" Valentine's Day cards -- we're sure this is one candy-free card that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

To get started with your own secret Valentine's Day messages, dip a Q-Tip in lemon juice (AKA "invisible ink") and write out your personalized messages on the cards. Once the card is placed over heat, the message will show up! For the bottles, Kate said that she used an old vanilla extract bottle, and the mini colorful hearts were easily made with a heart-shaped hole puncher. Overall, an incredibly clever and unique card idea that the kiddos are sure to love!

Shaving cream Valentine's Day cards by Modern Parents Messy KidsShaving Cream Sensations


If you're looking for a good Valentine's Day card idea for your preschooler, consider checking out these fun shaving cream homemade cards included on Modern Parents Messy Kids!

Outfitted with a stamped personalized note and a Q-Tip for shaving cream creative play, these activity-based cards are made with food coloring, photo frame cards, duct or electric tape, and small reclosable bags. Once the colorful bags are placed in the cards, your child's classmates will love using the included Q-Tip to make fun designs and pictures!

Magnifying glass Valentine's Day cards by DandeeHere's Looking at You


Another great idea for a candy-free Valentine's Day goody, we can't get enough of these cool magnifying glass valentines featured on Dandee.

Sure to inspire plenty of future creative play for your tot's classmates, Mama Danyelle says that she was able to find the miniature magnifying glasses at a party supply store. Free printable PDFs of her card design are available in the full post, along with an additional cute valentine featuring black framed eyeglasses.

Homemade Valentine's Day cards by DCWV DiaryTeacher's Pet


Though Mama Erin of DCWV Diary made these sweet pencil lookalike treats for her child's teacher at the end of the year, we think that they'd be equally darling as a teacher's valentine.

To make your own, wrap yellow paper around a package of Rolo chocolates and then add Hershey's Kisses to the bottoms for the pencil tips. Overall, a great idea for showing your child's favorite teacher a little love this Valentine's Day!

Award Valentine's Day cards by Alisa BurkeLovely Awards


Winning an award is always, well, rewarding -- so why not treat this year's valentines to personalized award cards like these featured on Alisa Burke?

To make your own heartfelt Valentine's Day awards, pick up some colorful streamers from the party supply store and put your little one to work on ruffling and gluing. Once the awards are finished, draft personalized notes and add the awards to folded cardstock. All in all, these are an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to let classmates and friends know that you think they're pretty darn fantastic this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day homemade lip balm by Paint Cut PasteLip Balm Beauties


Paint Cut Paste Mama Jen shares this fun idea for making homemade lip balm to include in Valentine's Day goody bags, and we must admit that this is one valentine that we wouldn't mind getting this year!

This all-natural homemade recipe for peppermint lip balm is a sweet DIY treat sure to be loved by your valentines. Check out the full post for the complete recipe and a great tutorial.

Matchbox Valentine's Day cards by InchmarkMatchbox Marvelous


Mama Brooke of the ever-so-cute blog Inchmark includes a great tutorial for making these adorable Valentine's Day boxes out of mini matchboxes found at the grocery store (which cost about $2 for a pack of 10 matchboxes).

Brooke recommends saving the matches for future home needs, and covering each box with Valentine's Day-esque colorful paper and designs. For the included sweets, she reveals that candy corn and M&Ms fit well inside the boxes. Check out her full tutorial to see all of the box variations that she made with her little one. We especially love the personalized drawings!

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