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How to Make a Mason Bee Paper Tube

Your kids will be buzzing over this fun activity

Published on: March 09, 2017

How to Make a Mason Bee Paper Tube

Mason bee tube 2

Roll with it

Fold the bottom of your paper over the dowel, keeping the sides of the paper even and using your fingers to tightly wrap the paper.

Hold your paper tightly as you roll towards the glue line. Once you reach the glue line, press it across to make a seal and wipe away any excess glue left on your tube or work surface.

If the dowel is free of excess glue, your mason bee paper tube should slide right off with ease.

If your tube is stuck, you'll need to tear it off, wash the dowel off and start again after the dowel has dried. Also keep in mind that if the dowel is still damp from being washed, the paper will become wet and the paper will stick again.

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