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What Parents Are Reading: Our Top 5 Discipline Articles

Count down the most read ParentMap articles about behavior and discipline

Published on: May 13, 2016

Discipline: does it ever get easier? Reading up on the latest in behavior and family management may help. We've rounded up the top 5 most read ParentMap articles related to discipline. They range from the positive enforcement camp to the differences between how different genders govern the household. So grab your pad of gold stars and get to studying. You know what they say: Education is power.

5. Mommy Discipline vs. Daddy Discipline

This throwback piece from May 2010 by Elaine Bowers examines how much gender influences parenting (hint: probably not as much as implied by the time-honored phrase "Just wait 'til your father comes home!").

Local parents and parenting author Elizabeth Crary share their thoughts and discipline woes. Here's a preview: "My husband’s father was a military guy, very strict. It never would have crossed his mind to question his dad." Gulp.

4. From Eating to Excreting: 3 Tips to Avoid Power Struggles

Seattle parent educator and consultant Melissa Benaroya runs the gamut in this piece about de-escalating particularly messy situations. Note the pre-built statements you can use in a pinch!

3. Seven Tools for Positive Discipline

How bad is bribery anyway? Author Tera Schreiber asks the questions we've all been wondering including "What's wrong with rewards?" and "How much praise is too much praise?" Hear from educators and other parenting pros.

2. 5 Common Morning Struggles and How to Deal with Them

All you want to do is get out the door on time. Shouldn't be so hard, right? Author Taylor Johnson's got three handy tips for frazzled parents. Be sure to check out the rest of her struggle series (a personal favorite: "Your child wakes up too early").

1. Discipline: Get Creative With Consequences

Author Jennifer Armstrong didn't know what to do with her hurricane of a 3-year-old. Then she learned it pays to be creative. Armstrong offers her advice on reining in a wild child with interviews from a childhood consultant and a Bellevue parenting coach.


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