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5 Common Morning Struggles and How to Deal With Them

How to cure dawdling, tiredness, anxiety and more morning showstoppers

Back-to-school morning strugglesGetting back into the morning rush after a school break can seem close to impossible. Have you experienced a recent mad chase after a half-naked child, brandishing a tee-shirt in one hand and a bagel in the other, trying to make the morning carpool to school and work? 

A harried a.m. rush can often set an agitated tone for the rest of the day, so what are parents to do?  While the pursuit of the perfect morning routine is a work in progress, these solutions to common problems should help you get back on on track.  But first, a few general suggestions:

  1. Plan ahead.  As Parent Coach Jennifer Watanabe suggests, kids do better when they feel involved in the rule-making and strategizing.  A week or so before school starts, sit everyone down and brainstorm ways to make the mornings run more smoothly.   Really listen to what your family has to say — kids are far more likely to cooperate with the agenda when they feel like they have a voice in formulating it.   

  2. No electronics in the bedroom.  This rule is especially important for older children to abide by, but kids of all ages can become too distracted by devices to sleep.  Good mornings begin at bedtime.    

  3. Get yourself ready first.  As in, before the kids wake up.  Perhaps easier said than done, but mornings are chaotic enough without trying to blow-dry your hair while overseeing the kids pack lunches, eat breakfast and gather their belongings.  

And now onto the potential problem areas:

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