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Incredible Destination Desserts Around Seattle to Devour With Kids

5 unique sweet treats to seek out with your family

Published on: June 07, 2021

Incredible Destination Desserts Around Seattle to Devour With Kids

little boy with a shark mask holding two dreamy drinks with the dreamy drinks pink truck in the background
Dreamy Drinks bubble tea truck. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

3. Dreamy Drinks

Editor's note: Dreamy Drinks truck is closed for the season and is planning to return in March 2023. Watch their calendar for locations in the spring. 

How about a dessert in liquid form? Dreamy Drinks, which bills itself as Seattle’s first bubble tea truck, opened in 2019. The owners are originally from the Bay Area, where there’s a bubble tea shop on practically every corner. To fill that gap in the Seattle market, they came up with a mobile bubble tea shop in a cute pink truck that comes to your neighborhood.

The truck broke down at the end of 2020 (insert bad 2020 joke here) but we’re happy to report that Dreamy Drinks is rolling again, with pop-ups from Lynnwood to Renton. In addition to bubble tea, you can order espresso drinks and smoothies. The smoothies and slushies are made with real fruit instead of just powder and sugar; my kids’ favorite is the taro smoothie ($5.50/medium). Another popular drink for kids is the sparking soda made with edible glitter!

Find it: You can find the pop-up schedule on the Dreamy Drinks website, follow the truck on Instagram, and even place your order ahead of time to skip the line. Delivery is available on Doordash on weekends.

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