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7 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots for Seattle-Area Families

Get the tastiest brain freeze ever at these delicious ice cream destinations

Published on: July 06, 2021

7 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots for Seattle-Area Families

Small cup of new soft serve ice cream Indian flavors Seattle restaurant Spice Waala
Spice Waala's July soft serve flavor: Rose & Cardamom

Spice Waala, Seattle

A new addition for 2021, we are so excited to try the brand-new Indian-inspired soft serve from Spice Waala. Just unveiled for summer, Spice Waala's soft serve will highlight Indian flavors — the debut flavor is Rose and Cardamom. Swoon!

A few notes to keep in mind: Spice Waala has two Seattle locations, but the soft serve is available only at Capitol Hill. They'll have only one flavor at a time and will change it up every few weeks. Finally, as they're new at the ice cream gig, they ask for patience as they get the hang of it. Our advice? Call ahead to ensure the ice cream is flowing if you're making a special trip. Which you should, of course.

Info: 340 15th Ave. E., Suite 202, Seattle

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