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Best Seattle-Area Playgrounds to Visit This Pandemic Season

Mask up, grab the kids and find a fun place to play around Seattle, the Eastside, and the North and South Sound

Nancy Chaney

Published on: November 30, 2020

Kids playing at Seattle's High Point playground play area newer playgrounds pandemic season
Updated High Point play area in Seattle. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Sunny day? Head out to play

We are loving the sunny forecast this week! Pandemic plus rainy winter weather is too much to take. Let's take advantage of dry days! Gather the kids, mask up and head out to zap those too-much-screen-time wiggles.

We've organized this list by region, but some of these are destination playgrounds worth a trip from wherever you are (we'll note them as such). No matter where you go, around the corner or to a new neighborhood, you need to wear your masks, keep your distance from other kids and families, and sanitize your hands before and after playing. And if you find a crowd at your first-choice spot, move on. (Read detailed rules for Seattle playgrounds and note that the same or similar apply in all jurisdictions in Washington.)

Use the arrows above the image to browse through the selection of playgrounds, or skip ahead to a few fun Seattle playgrounds, Eastside playgrounds, South Sound-area playgrounds or North Sound-area playgrounds.

Editor's note: Nearly all the images shown are from pre-pandemic days, so you won't see masks in the photos.

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