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Best Seattle-Area Playgrounds to Visit This Pandemic Season

Mask up, grab the kids and find a fun place to play around Seattle, the Eastside, and the North and South Sound

Nancy Chaney

Published on: November 30, 2020

Best Seattle-Area Playgrounds to Visit This Pandemic Season

Boy smiling in a tunnel at Discovery Bay playground at Tacoma Nature Center
Discovery Bay play area at Tacoma Nature Center. Credit: Devon Hammer

South Sound-area playgrounds

The City of Olympia actually opened a playground this pandemic year, when most playgrounds around the region were closed for months and months (don't we know it). The new playground is at Friendly Grove Park and its fun features cater to local families. There's a play structure for bigger kids, another one for littles, cool musical elements and swings.

Our writer recently visited Tacoma Nature Center to test drive the center's individual family field trip — spoiler, it was a big hit! After their tour, the kids loved playing at the center's nature-themed Discovery Pond play area. With this spot's walking trails and a fun free nature app to try, there's lots to do.

Brookville Community Gardens Park in Fife features a newer playground and the chance to learn about the history of local Puyallup people and their connection with the mud-grown tuber called the wapato.

Tacoma's newer Dune Peninsula area isn't a true playground, but the hillside slides are epic. All the space here and wide-open views should help the cooped-up feelings we're all having. Bring bikes, scooters or skates to get rolling on the pathways.

A super spacious playground opened in Covington in 2018, and while this King County town is not really in the South Sound, it is close to fast-growing areas where lots of families are settling down. Covington Community Park includes a rope climbing tower, a zip line, giant rocks to climb on and various bouncers.

Next up: North Sound playgrounds

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