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Fun-Filled Seattle-Area Playgrounds for Kids of All Abilities

Inclusive play spots where all kids can play

Lauren Braden

Published on: September 25, 2023

Fun-Filled Seattle-Area Playgrounds for Kids of All Abilities

Owen’s Playground accessible playground on Bainbridge Island
Image courtesy of Bainbridge Island Parks

Owen’s Playground at Rotary Park, Bainbridge Island

All kids deserve the right to play together, and inclusive Owen’s Playground makes it all possible with adaptive swings and seesaws, smooth and wide paths for wheelchairs, boulders to scramble up and wide slides to glide down. Animal sculptures, a sandbox with water features and a wheelchair-accessible sensory garden offer children tactile experiences. This unique playground is dedicated to the life of a local child, Owen Marshall, whose parents, Stacy and Kelsey Marshall, advocated for its design and creation after their son passed away from complications related to cerebral palsy.

Find it: 969 Weaver Rd. N.W., Bainbridge Island

– Lauren Braden

Coming soon: Pathways Park

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