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5 Nearby State Parks for Seattle-Area Families to Visit

Washington state parks where Puget Sound–area families can play outdoors

Nancy Chaney

Published on: August 15, 2022

Bay View State Park Washington State parks near Seattle Puget Sound families kids visit coronavirus
Bay View State Park. Credit: RosieTulips/Flickr CC

Super state parks to explore with kids

We are lucky here in Washington to have hundreds and hundreds of amazing state parks to discover — spread all across our state. We've picked out five that are not too far away for families who live in the Puget Sound area to visit. Hike, run, climb a tree and play on the beach. And even though they're fairly close by, these parks provide a huge dose of wide-open space and an easy change of scenery.

Remember that in all state parks a Discover Pass is required to park your vehicle. The state offers a few free days each year when you can park without a Discover Pass — the next one is April 22 — but if you have the means, consider spending the $35 for an annual pass. This way you can go whenever you like, avoid potential crowds on the free days, and help keep our parks clean and green and thriving.

First stop: Saltwater State Park

Image credit: RosieTulips/Flickr CC

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