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10 Cute and Cozy Gifts for Kids

Burrito blankets, Squishmallows, fluffy pillows and more

Vicky McDonald

Published on: October 28, 2021


When it comes to gifts for kids, toys and games are great, but sometimes warm and comforting things can be the real winners. I am pretty sure my own kids love their snuggly blankets and fluffy pillows even more than their favorite toys. 

During the cold winter months, there is nothing better than cuddling up with a fleecy blanket or sitting on a cozy chair that's just for you. We’ve picked out some of the bestselling products on Amazon that are bound to bring much joy and delight. 

A sweet seat

This snuggly chair is soft, warm and ideal for curling up with a good book. The cover is removable and machine washable. It’s available in lots of cute animal styles, from pink owls to blue bears, and is perfect for preschoolers. 

A wearable hug

This Comfy wearable blanket is like a warm hug after a long day at school. It’s double-layered with fleece microfiber on the outside and fluffy Sherpa on the inside. It will also come in handy at sleepovers, camping trips, soccer games — you name it! This wearable blanket is available in adult sizes, so your whole family can snuggle up together in style this winter. 



Squishmallows are super-soft plush toys that are in high demand these days — kind of like a modern-day Beanie Baby. They can be used as a pillow or just as an adorable soft plushie to brighten someone’s day. They come in a wide variety of colors/styles and are very collectible. 

A portable bed

Sometimes you just want to lie down ... but not necessarily in bed. Enter, the pillow bed, a perfectly portable bed that you can use anywhere. Stuff this cute cover with pillows and you’ve got yourself a luxurious place to lounge. The cover holds five standard king-sized pillows and is machine-washable. 

A cozy seat

This Stuff n’ Sit chair will be popular with both parents and kids alike, as it doubles as a storage area. You can pack it with stuffed animals, blankets or even dress-up costumes. The cover is machine-washable and comes in lots of kid-friendly colors and styles. 

Sherpa blanket

You’ll be spoiled for choice with this thick and fuzzy blanket that comes in so many colors and sizes. It’s an Amazon bestseller, loved by kids. It can be used for lounging on the couch or for sleeping at night. 

A fluffy pillow

Sometimes you just need a soft place to lay your head, and these fluffy velvet pillow covers are ideal for just that. Kids will love the rainbow colors and velvety texture.

 A human burrito

Your favorite comfort foods also make for pretty comfortable blankets! Kids will love these food-themed flannel blankets that will make them look like a giant burrito, waffle or pizza. They also come in adult sizes. Yipee! 

Glow on

Kids love cozy blankets at night, but they might just love this one even more because it glows in the dark! It comes in five fun themes and is oh so fluffy. 

Weighty wonder

Weighted blankets can make kids feel secure and comforted. This soft weighted blanket comes with a removable cover and has even weight distribution that can help kids fall asleep easier, staying cozy and sleepy for longer. 

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