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6 Delightfully Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

These spooky ideas will brighten your spirits

Published on: September 28, 2021

Giant spider web from Amazon

The weather is getting cooler and the evenings are closing in, but these fun Halloween décor ideas will brighten your spirits. From easy to elaborate, we've got just the right decorations to make your home look spooky and cool. 

1. Giant spider web

What is scarier than a spider on Halloween? This 16- by 14-foot giant spider web is home to an almost 5-foot-wide hairy spider. The giant spider web from Amazon comes with a hook and ground stakes so you can attach it to the outside of the house; the separate spider has red eyes and bendable legs. Eeek! 

2. Broomstick pathway lights

These LED broomsticks from Home Depot will light up the night. The sticks are finished to look like real wood and the bristles are made of wire so that you can position them however you like. There are three in each set, and you can pair them with pumpkins for a not-too-scary scene or add some witch figurines to make it a little scarier. 

3. A frightful door mural

This simple fabric door mural from Wayfair looks deceptively real and can be used year after year. The fabric is non-adhesive so it won’t take the paint off of your door and it takes mere seconds to put on. The mural features glowing jack-o'-lanterns with a spider web — creepy, but not too scary.  

Spooky door mural from Wayfair

4. Farm witches

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble — three witches together is enough to spook any passerby! These witches from Walmart have glowing heads that emit an eerie light and they can be placed in the yard with stakes or hung from trees. You can pose their flexible arms to show them casting a spell or just waiting and watching.

5. Witchy string lights

Light up your yard or porch with 32 feet of hanging witch hat string lights (available from Amazon). Battery-operated and waterproof, these lights even come with a remote control. Switch between eight different lighting modes to keep things interesting. 

witch hat string lights available from Amazon

6. A monster at the door

Enter if you dare! Turn your front or garage door or car trunk into a scary monster face with this fun decoration available on Amazon. The pieces are made with sun- and rain-resistant plastic and come with double-sided stickers for hanging.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in October 2020, and updated in September 2022.

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