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Crib Notes: December News for Expectant and New Parents

How to survive the holidays when you're pregnant and more

Published on: November 23, 2017


crib notesExpectant and new parents, this section’s for you. From life-saving gear to outings that’ll do the whole family good, Crib Notes is your emergency kit to make it through.

Have you heard?

It’s not just Mom who needs to eat right during pregnancy. A new study from the University of Cincinnati found that a biological father’s diet could play a similar role in the health of his baby.

In the study, researchers observed a strong correlation between poor diet for fruit fly dads and the survival rate of their babies. Back in 2016, an Australian study found a similar link in mice: Male mice that lived on the equivalent of a fast-food diet were more likely to produce sons that were diabetic.

Of course, we’re talking about mice and fruit flies but still, the study raises questions about how nutrition impacts future generations. And it’s a good reminder that growing a healthy baby isn’t only Mom’s job.

How to survive the holidays when you’re pregnant

“I used being tired and pregnant as an excuse to rest more often and skip out on long and dull conversations.” — Jordan J., Seattle

“When I was pregnant during the holidays, we bought our favorite premade foods to have on the holidays. Trader Joe’s had most of them.” — Serena H., Renton

“We didn’t tell anyone about our pregnancy during the holiday season. I wanted to avoid being the center of all party conversations. We brought bottles of sparkling cider to every gathering and filled our wine glasses. Cheers!” — Christina K., Tacoma

Should you buy your baby holiday gifts?

“How about a small or meaningful gift for the parents instead?” — Lisa Y., Tacoma

“With such a short-term memory at that age, there’s really no need. Stash a few toys in a closet for a month or two. They’ll be really excited to see them again!” — Laura M., Issaquah

“Of course! How can you resist?” — Gayle P., Seattle

“I wonder what my 3-year-old would think if her brother didn’t get any presents?!” — Brianna B., Shoreline

“Nope! Leave it to the grandparents.” — Morgan O., Everett

“If you have the means and the desire to buy your infant gifts, go for it! If not, more power to you! Why can’t we leave these choices up to parents instead of telling them what to do and then judging them either way?” — Kate J., Seattle

Get out of the house

All aboard! Bundle up your bundle of joy for a trip to Winterfest. Pop by the
Seattle Center Armory to see a miniature turn-of-the-century village and moving model train. The best part? It’s free! Runs through Dec. 31.

Gear we’re gaga about

Get the expectant parents in your life something they actually want

play carA car to help baby sit up: This comfy car from Playgro is as cushy as it is educational. Baby gets to practice motor skills with a beeping horn, clicking indicator and spinning ball while also working on those sit-up skills. While a little pricey ($70) this might be just the thing for a holiday gift list.

A service for the traveling Mom: Buy a nursing mom a package from Milk Stork, the first-ever company that makes it easy to send breast milk home when Mom’s away on business. Packages start at $79.

A bassinet that turns into a backpack: This washable bassinet from LulyBoo conveniently rolls into a lightweight backpack, which is great since we already have so much to carry. We’re also loving the gender-neutral color and the budget-friendly price tag ($50).

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