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Dove Men+Care Launches Paid Paternity Leave Fund

It's a beautiful thing


Published on: February 19, 2019

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It's no secret that paid family leave in the United States is woefully lacking when compared to other developed countries around the world.  Nationwide, millions of Americans can't afford to take even a single day off after the birth or adoption of a child, and one in four moms are expected to return to work just 10 days after childbirth. Less than one in five men in the U.S. receive paid family leave from their employer. And even among men who do have the option to take paternity leave, the lack of support men experience at work makes many new fathers reluctant to actually utilize a leave benefit after the birth or adoption of their child.

Though Washington state has recently increased paid family leave to six weeks statewide, when it comes to supporting families during baby's first months of life, we're not there yet.

That's why we were thrilled to hear about The Dove Men+Care Paternity Leave Fund. Launched by beauty, personal and home care products manufacturer Unilever, the fund represents a call to action to support awareness and end the stigma around paternity leave, as well as fund more men's time off starting now.

In a statement released Tuesday, the company said:

While our push to make paid paternity leave the new standard is a long-term mission, expectant dads are in urgent need of support right now, and The Paternity Leave Fund is available for new or expectant dads who do not currently have access to paid leave through their employer, and all eligible dads are encouraged to apply for the Fund for the chance to receive a $5,000 grant.

More paid time off for families? More men bonding with their babies during this critical time in their lives? Less stigma around all workers taking leave? Now, that's a beautiful thing.

To show your support for deserving dads, visit to take The Pledge for Paternity Leave or share on social using #PaternityLeavePledge.

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